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The Bilingual Online Services (BOS) initiative focuses on the creation of bilingual capabilities for both internal and external-facing websites and applications.

It brings together interested organisations to identify solutions, share best practice and look for collaborative and cost saving opportunities.

This will be through an ongoing dialogue between organisations, events (workshops) and the sharing of relevant resources.

We’ve had an initial workshop event and have started to collect resources here. If you have any comments or suggestions on what we can do next, improve this resource list or anything else, get in touch.


Sharing problems and solutions is key. More often than not a problem has already been solved by someone else. If not, then discussing it can only help to identify common challenges and find collective solutions. Proactively we can also share best practice.

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We don’t need to meet to make things happen, but meetings and events can help a lot.



If you have an idea for a meeting/event, have one you’d like to list here or would like to host one, get in touch.

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