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LinguaSkin Case Study
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The Welsh Language Commissioner promotes and facilitates the use of the Welsh language. It aims to ensure that anyone wishing to live their lives through the medium of Welsh is able to do so.

Part of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s role is to impose and regulate standards which ensure that certain public and private sector bodies in Wales have to provide services to the public and in some cases to their workforce through the medium of Welsh.

The organisation is based over four offices in North, South and West Wales. It uses a Human Resources management system from Computers in Personnel (CIPHR). This manages staff information and provides an online self-service portal for all staff to book leave, report sickness and so on.

The need for a multilingual application

The operational language of the Welsh Language Commissioner is Welsh and it is important that it can provide a fully bilingual workplace. The Commissioner and CIPHR discussed making the user interface bilingual when the HR software was purchased. Despite both parties working to make this happen, approximately only 40% was actually available in Welsh. The coding of the system would not allow a fully bilingual site.

Why LinguaSkin?

The Commissioner wanted to provide CIPHR as a fully bilingual system, switchable from either Welsh or English, and saw that LinguaSkin could make this happen.

Security was especially important because of all the personal data involved, but the system was implemented on a development site until the Welsh Language Commissioner was happy to launch.

Following discussions with the Commissioner, CIPHR agreed to the installing of LinguaSkin in order to provide a fully bilingual and switchable application.

Quick to implement

LinguaSkin was implemented according to PRINCE2 methodology. The project and plans were defined in a Project Initiation Document and a configuration site was built using LinguaSkin as a reverse proxy.

Interceptor Solutions was given access to CIPHR to scrape all the required wording so it could be translated by the Welsh Language Commissioner. Once the translation was done, a reverse proxy test site enabled the Commissioners staff to test and evaluate before the actual site went live.

Easy to use

The Commissioner was concerned that once LinguaSkin was implemented on the actual system and staff started using it, there could be problems. This has not proved to be the case. Staff did not notice any change except that they are able to use the system entirely in Welsh.

No ongoing maintenance will be required unless CIPHR make changes to their system..

Key Points

Technical details

Deployment: Reverse proxy on IIS
Web Server: Microsoft IIS, SaaS
Application: CIPHR
Content types: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Languages: EN, CY
Num replacements: 1262

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