Enabling Languages

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Easy implementation

Don't worry about making any changes or reconfiguring your application or website. Implemetation is fast and risk free.

Rapid Deployment

LinguaSkin can be deployed in minutes, and configured in hours. Minimal effort is required and it's really flexible.

Real Time Localisation

Content and application amendments can be made on the fly.

Translation Control

LinguaSkin works with both pre-configured translations and online machine translation resources so you can ensure content quality.

Unlimited Languages

Adding language is simple. LinguaSkin can support as many languages as you need.

Language Switching

Switch languages with just one click. LinguaSkin inserts a language selector and manages the switching process.

Identical Structure And Content

No matter how many languages you add, identical structure and content is guaranteed. Switching languages doesn’t change page location or context.

Multiple Application

Using LinguaSkin across multiple applications and sites ensures consistency of translation, brand and operational efficiency.

Monitoring Change

LinguaSkin can monitor content and user interface strings, notifying you when changes occur and triggering a translation worflow.

Not Just Languages

LinguaSkin can transform and replace any aspect of a site to address compliance issues, improve accessibility support, hide/add content and perform any other change in real-time.


Don't worry about making any changes or reconfiguring your application or website. Implementation is fast and risk-free.

Online Management Toolset

Online tools are available to manage and configure the deployments across an organisation and maintain, edit and publish translations.

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