Enabling Languages

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Having a full multilingual capability for an enterprise application requires much more than just having static language packs for the user interface.

Our decades of experience in developing and enabling multilingual applications, combined with the ability for LinguaSkin to easily add customisable language packs result in comprehensive and highly capable solutions.

Multilingual Dynamics CRM
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Though Dynamics CRM already has language packs for a number of languages, the LinguaSkin Language Pack will support any language.

It adds an ‘on-the-fly’ language selector to all areas of the CRM user interface to switch between languages immediately and provides an easy to use tool to add, edit and maintain translations.

All aspects of the CRM user interface are covered, including customised fields. Third party plug-ins, iframe content and integrated applications can also be included, resulting in a comprehensive switchable user interface.

Multilingual SharePoint
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SharePoint already has significant multilingual capabilities but when implementing SharePoint for a multilingual environment you need to consider:

  • Do you have language packs for each language? These need to be extended to cover customised text, third party components, etc.
  • Do you want a language switcher visible on every page?
  • SharePoint variations need to be configured for multilingual content management.
  • Publication and translation workflows will be needed to manage multilingual content.
  • Multilingual document libraries to manage, track, publish and version control multilingual variations for each document.

Our SharePoint partners Method4 are market leaders in multilingual SharePoint configuration with over a decade of experience implementing multilingual SharePoint solutions for dozens of public and private sector organisations. Method 4 Logo

Whether you need help with a specific aspect, want multilingual content management, multilingual document management or a multilingual Intranet, or just want to use some of their multilingual SharePoint components, Method4 have the knowledge, experience and track record to help you.

Other Applications
Coming soon

If you have an enterprise application for which a multilingual capability is required, or if you’re an application vendor with an application that needs to be made multilingual, contact us to discuss further.

Typically we can create a switchable multilingual user interface using LinguaSkin in a few days. We can then advise, assist and provide guidance on all other multilingual aspects.

We’re currently working on several exciting projects, including other Microsoft Dynamics applications and some cloud/SaaS solutions.

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